10: Classroom activities

Classroom activities should cement the overall learning objectives.  They should explore the higher order domains in Bloom’s taxonomy such as application, analysis, evaluation and creation.  Activities can be done in groups or individually.

Examples (individual or groups)



  • Debate: journal articles on same topic.  For example, topics discussed in BestBets
  • Case analysis: M and M case (a library can be found in AHRQ Web M & M cases)
  • Role play with discussions (scripts can be found here -by Genevieve Yates)
  • Mock trial with M and M cases or anonymized charts


  • Create algorithm for treatment
  • Create clinical care pathway using most up-to-date evidence
  • Role play: Case scenarios (patient, family, clinician)

More examples here.

Video about classroom activities:

Excellent article (Examples of classroom activities and strategies in Appendix):

Gleason et al, An Active-learning strategies primer for achiecing ability-based educational outcomes, Am J Pharma Edu 2011; 75(9): 1-12


Tip 11

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