1: Create clear objectives for all components

Bloom's TaxonomyIn the flipped model as in the traditional curriculum design, properly constructed objectives drive content, delivery and assessment. Bloom’s taxonomy of objectives are traditionally arranged as a hierarchy from lower-order to higher-order thinking skills.

In the flipped classroom, the home modules will have objectives falling on the lower end of Bloom’s taxonomy – remembering and understanding. These objectives set expectations as well as providing a table of contents for the lesson.

The objectives for the classroom activities will explore the higher order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy: application, analysis and synthesis.


Upon review of the video, you should be able to…

  • …list the risk factors for developing coronary artery disease
  • …list the important components of history and physical in the patient with potential acute coronary syndromes.
  • …list some atypical presentations of acute coronary syndromes.

Note how these objectives fall on the lower end of the Bloom's taxonomy. These objectives also allow the student to know on what she should be focusing while watching the video.

Bloom's Rose


Tip 2

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