8: Build quizzes

google_forms_quizAs most of the home modules are self-directed and passive, students should need opportunities to use the material to test their comprehension before moving forward. Most of us confuse familiarity with knowledge (from having watched it several times) with a true understanding (in which we can use the material). So it is important to provide learners with the occasion to use what they’ve learned. This also serves to form connections and solidify the material in their heads. Once they have mastered one set of concepts, they can move on to the next videos.

wordpress_quizQuizzes can easily be delivered online. Most school have some sort of learning management software (LMS) such as Blackboard, Drupal or Moodle already installed. These have the ability to create and administer questions.

If you are running your own site, WordPress has a paid LMS plug-in called Sensei. There are free options, too, such as ProProfs, Google Forms and even WordPress’s contact forms can be used to administer a quiz. Google conveniently saves all the answers to a spreadsheet while WordPress will email all responses to you (while also saving a copy online).

Tip 9

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