6: Technology resources

If you wish to create your own videos, here are the steps and options:

Step 1. Make Keynote or Powerpoint slides with text (less text preferred) and images (include appropriate attribution)

Step 2. Narrate and record videos.

Options include:

Narrate only with Powerpoint 2010 (explanation here)

Recording PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Narrate and annotate (draw, write or highlight)

  • Export your Keynote or Powerpoint slides to Explain Everything, record narration and annotation on an iPad (steps outlined here)
  • Video for Explain Everything:
  • Export your Powerpoint slides to Movenote (can use on Android, iOS or through Chrome)
  • Export your Keynote slides to Doodlecast Pro (annotate on iPad, instructional video found here)

Video for DoodleCast Pro

Narrate and annotate without slides with ShowMe (iPad) or Educreations (iPad, web browser).

Narrate and annotate using your camera phone using pen and paper

More discussions can be found here.

Tip 7

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