Acute Coronary Syndrome

Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Chest pain

Part 1: Presentations of ACS

Part 2: ECG changes in ACS

(Note: This is not a comprehensive approach to ECG.  For ECG approach, please see ECG approach on the skills page)

Part 3: Non-ECG modalities for diagnosis

Part 4: Treatment for ACS


Other resources:

Reading the ST segment on ECG on Life in the Fast Lane blog (includes discussion on non-ischemic causes of ST elevation/depression)

Ultrasound images for Pericardial effusion on Life in the Fast Lane blog

Pulmonary Embolus

Chest pain, Pulmonary, Respiratory, Uncategorized

Worked example

Part 1 – We discuss the causes and presentations of PE.

Part 2 – We discuss the available diagnostic tests for PE.

Part 3 – We discuss how to put it together for diagnosis


Other resources:

ECG changes in PE on Life in the Fast Lane blog

PE case on

CXR signs on

Well’s criteria for PE on MD Calc

Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index score on MD Calc

Aortic Dissection

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Worked example:

Part 1 – We discuss the presentations of aortic dissection

Part 2 – We discuss the investigations and treatment of aortic dissection (Note we use the Stanford classification for discussing treatment)

Other resources:

Case discussion from Life in the fast lane – with CT images (courtesy of Peter Allely)