How to present in the Emergency Department

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The way we like learners to present can be very different from other specialities.  This post is meant for learners new to the Emergency Department.

Part 1: How Emerg Docs think

Part 2: The EM Presentation


Other resources:

Pocket card with common presenting complaints (courtesy of Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde): Rules Outs 3.1

Discussion at Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog

Discussion at Life in the Fast Lane

Supplement to The 3-minute emergency medicine medical student presentation: variation on a theme by Davenport C, Honigman B and Druck J: ACEM_145_sm_DataSupplementS1

7 thoughts on “How to present in the Emergency Department

  1. Hi, In the first video of How to Present in The Ed, you had a one page document that you showed with CC, HPI, ROS and Assesment and Plan that learners sometimes use in the ED. Do you have a pDF of this somewhere that we can download? Thanks

    1. Hello Danielle, thanks for watching and your comment.

      The document shown is one that is often used by learners in other specialities such as internal medicine. It is much more detailed (and suits other specialities very well) but does not suit the history taking in emergency medicine.

      I suggest using the template outline in the link to the supplement to organize the history in the Emergency Department.

      I hope this answers your question.

      1. Thank-you Stella. I am enjoying the videos. I was hoping to use the template (the one you showed) for history taking in internal medicine and family medicine. I have downloaded the template for emergency medicine and plan to organize my ED presentations as you have suggested in your videos. If I could get a PDF of the template or a link to something similar I would appreciate it very much!

        Thanks and have a great day.

  2. I find these videos particularly helpful as an EM clerkship director. Have you considered or are you planning phases of video recording a student or resident giving a presentation to further solidify your points? I am considering doing this for our clerkship and am aware that other CDs are interested in the same. Thanks!

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