7: Use the public domain

Rather than keeping your modules private, there are numbers advantages to uploading video modules to the public domain. First, avoiding logins and passwords gives your students easier access to the material. In addition to your students, viewers worldwide can comment and allow a global conversation. Others may use your materials in their programs, thereby broadening the impact of your teaching endeavor.

key_statsThe two most common video hosting sites are YouTube and Vimeo. Most video creation applications allow direct uploads to YouTube, and many to Vimeo as well. Hosting video on these sites allows them to bear the burden of the bandwidth costs, adjusting streaming based on the viewer’s connection and device and storage. Vimeo does impose some restrictions for their free account. Both perform analytics which allow you to see the instant international impact of your material, which some institutions recognize for promotions.

Some institutions block these sites, but this is becoming rarer as the educational value of these web sites continues to grow. One final reason to post your material into the public domain is to join the free, open-access medical education (#FOAMed) movement and connect with like-minded collaborators across the globe. This is how Stella and Rahul joined forces.

Tip 8

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