Approach to Shortness of Breath

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A brief approach to shortness of breath:

For more details, please see post for each clinical topic:

Allergic reaction/Anaphylaxis




Pulmonary Embolus



Respiratory Distress – Flipped Classroom Summary


Infectious Diease, Pulmonary, Respiratory

Worked example:

Part 1 – Classification, signs and symptoms

Part 2 – Diagnosis and Management


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Pulmonary, Respiratory

This is a worked example of a pneumothorax.

Part 1 – We discuss the causes and presentations of pneumothorax.

Part 2 – We discuss the investigations and treatment of pneumothorax.

Other resources:

CXR of pneumothorax from Carlo Oller on Youtube 

Chest tubes 101 from – from basic to more advanced technique (Seldinger and pigtail catheter)