Pulmonary Embolus

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Worked example

Part 1 – We discuss the causes and presentations of PE.

Part 2 – We discuss the available diagnostic tests for PE.

Part 3 – We discuss how to put it together for diagnosis


Other resources:

ECG changes in PE on Life in the Fast Lane blog

PE case on Radiopaedia.org

CXR signs on Radiopaedia.org

Well’s criteria for PE on MD Calc

Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index score on MD Calc

How to present in the Emergency Department

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The way we like learners to present can be very different from other specialities.  This post is meant for learners new to the Emergency Department.

Part 1: How Emerg Docs think

Part 2: The EM Presentation


Other resources:

Pocket card with common presenting complaints (courtesy of Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde): Rules Outs 3.1

Discussion at Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog

Discussion at Life in the Fast Lane

Supplement to The 3-minute emergency medicine medical student presentation: variation on a theme by Davenport C, Honigman B and Druck J: ACEM_145_sm_DataSupplementS1