Approach to Trauma

Approach to, Trauma

Part 1: We discuss the primary survey and approach to airway

Managing the obstructed airway:

Part 2: We discuss the approach to breathing assessment in trauma

Needle thoracostomy for tension pneumothorax:

Managing the open pneumothorax

Part 3: We discuss circulation, disability and exposure in trauma

Delivering a painful stimulus

How to log roll

Part 4: We discuss the secondary survey in trauma

Part 5: We discuss the Canadian CT head rule and the Canadian c-spine rule in trauma

Trauma – Flipped Classroom Summary


Headache, Infectious Diease, Neurology

Worked example in the Emergency Department

Part 1 – Pathophysiology and Presentations

Part 2 – Treatment and investigations


Other resources:

Discussion from (with photo of petechiael rash in meningococcemia)

How to interpret CSF results from Life in the Fast Lane blog

Anatomy of lumbar puncture by Raeburn Forbes on YouTube

Lumbar puncture by theedexitvideo on YouTube

Approach to Shortness of Breath

Approach to, Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Respiratory

A brief approach to shortness of breath:

For more details, please see post for each clinical topic:

Allergic reaction/Anaphylaxis




Pulmonary Embolus



Respiratory Distress – Flipped Classroom Summary

Approach to Abdo pain

Abdo pain, Approach to, GI

Part 1 – Using history elements

Part 2 – Using physical exam to approach abdo pain

Part 3 – Using lab tests and imaging tests to approach abdo pain

Part 4 – Putting it together

Notes from abdo pain videos (PDF)

Other resources:

Abdo pain in the elderly from the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog

Cases for classroom exercises

Intracranial Hemorrhage


Part 1 – We discuss epidural and subdural hematomas.

Part 2 – Subarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhage.

Part 3 – History and physical examination

Part 4 – Investigations

Part 5 – Initial management

Other resources

CT images on

Epidural hematoma neurosurgery video on Youtube

Trauma brain injury case from Life in the Fast Lane