Part 1 Recognition and classification of bradycardic rhythms

Part 2 Recognition and classification of tachycardic rhythms

Basic Discussion
(Suitable for junior clerks)

In-depth Discussion
(Suitable for senior clerks and above)

WPW syndrome

Other learning and teaching resources:

Strip Tease – Can you analyze rhythm strips quickly?

How can you remember Mobitz I and II ? (Video credit: U of Alberta Med 2010 class)

2 thoughts on “Arrhythmia

  1. So, if there is a wide complex tachycardia in ECG, we should treat it as V Tach and give Amiodarone to the patient. But, if it is in fact a WPW with antidromic conduction , and it is difficult to differentiate which is which , would it be OK to give amiodarone?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Argo:
      It would be ok to give Amiodarone in WPW + antidromic conduction.
      However, for VT, the success rate for amiodarone based on the literature is low. Procainamide can be given also, but I prefer to electrically cardiovert (safest, and would work in both WPW+ antidromic and VT). Hope that answers your question.

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